Southwest Monsoon – Rains to continue over South India

Last night saw widespread rains over most parts of Western Tamil Nadu with Salem & Namakkal districts receiving heavy rains.  Heavy rains also lashed many parts of Bangalore as well as Peninsular India continued to benefit from the instability caused by the trough

Southwest Monsoon Update: Southwest Monsoon has officially started withdrawing from the country with parts of Western Rajasthan already out of the influence of Monsoon.  It is expected to withdraw from more places over Northwest India in the next couple of days.  In the meanwhile rains continue to be confined to a few pockets of Northeast India & Peninsular India.  Parts of East & Northeast India would get rains from the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation over Assam & Meghalaya with heavy spells expected in parts of Nagaland & Manipur.


Peninsular India is expected to enjoy its tryst with rains over the weekend as possibly the most widespread rains of the season are expected to happen over the weekend thanks to the atmospheric instability expected to form over South India due to convergence of mid level winds.   Parts of South Karnataka, Rayalseema & North Coastal AP could get some very heavy spells of rains which is expected to peak late evening / night.  Places around Hassan, Bengaluru, Hubli in Karnataka Anantapur, Tirupati & Rajamundry in AP could benefit from these heavy spells.


Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Western Tamil Nadu and parts of Central Tamil Nadu received heavy rains last night while places around Madurai received very heavy spells of rains early in the morning today.  Kottampatti slightly north of Madurai received 38 mm in an one hour spell today morning while Usilampatti to the west of Madurai received 28 mm between 5 & 6 AM today morning. Weather_Update_5_9_3With the influence of the UAC fading away the rains will reduce now over South TN and would slowly shift towards North TN with places around Vellore, Tiruvannamalai, Karur enjoying very good rains.   There is a chance for places near Madurai to enjoy another day of rains tonight.  Overall a cloudy day is expected over most of Tamil Nadu with temperatures around 35°C.

Chennai Weather Update: Partly cloudy skies with day time temperature of around 35°C.  Towards late evening the wait for rains might end with many parts of the city getting decent spells of rains.

On this Teacher’s Day I take the opportunity to convey my wishes to a couple of people who were actively responsible for teaching me a lot of weather concepts during my early days in the Kea Blog. Selvan (Selcyclone) without whom possibly I would have never understood about Cyclogenesis & Steering of cyclones and Pradeep John who possibly has influenced my understanding of weather more than anybody.  Last but not the least I would like to recollect my incident with Siva (Novaknole) who explained me about radar & movement of thunderstorms over a cup of coffee when I handed over his first RG made with a Water Bottle.  Happy Weather Blogging All.