Southwest Monsoon 2017 Highlights – Tamil Nadu

As June comes to an end the first month of Southwest Monsoon 2017 has been completed.  Yes Tamil Nadu is indeed a rain shadow region during Southwest Monsoon with possibly only Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli and the Ghat areas of Coimbatore & Nilgiris possibly getting direct benefit out of the Indian Summer Monsoon.  But the interior places & the coastal places also enjoy convective thunderstorms during this season as well.

As has been the practice for the last couple of years we at COMK will provide highlights of the monsoon so far as things evolve.  In the first update for this year’s monsoon we present a review of the past month for Tamil Nadu.  The idea of providing the highlights is not to be a statistics guide book but a perspective from some of us who track weather regularly.  We hope you like it and do share your feedback.

The entire exercise has been done using the daily rainfall report of IMD Chennai which features stations that get a minimum of 10 mm for the previous 24 hours.  Using this could possibly mean we miss out on some of the places which do not feature on a regular basis due to logistic issues / communication issues etc so this list may not accurately represent the complete picture.  We have used the IMD list in order to maintain a certain consistency in the numbers.

If one looks at the highlights one thing stands out in a very obvious manner.  More than 200 places in the state has recorded at least 1 cms for a day during the month indicating how despite being a rain shadow region Tamil Nadu does indeed get rains during Southwest Monsoon.  With reference to June 2017 its noteworthy to see the delta district of Thanjavur having the highest number of places to record rains.  This could be due to more observation points in the district but it surely conveys the power of convective thunderstorms during the off season for Tamil Nadu.

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The Gallery features the following highlights

  1. Places with most number of Rainy days in Tamil Nadu during June 2017
  2. Rainiest Places in Tamil Nadu during June 2017
  3. Highest 24 hours Rainfall in Tamil Nadu during June 2017
  4. Most Widespread Rainfall days in Tamil Nadu during June 2017
  5. District wise classification of Rainfall during June 2017 in terms of places

We will be very happy to hear your feedback on this post of ours.

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