Southwest Monsoon 2016 – A Seasonal Summary

With Southwest Monsoon season ending on September 30th we present our seasonal summary on how this year’s Southwest Monsoon ended up.  As has been the practice at COMK we will present a statistical analysis of the monsoon rather than focusing on the technicalities.

A quick recap on how the Monsoon advanced this year.  While parts of South Bay saw the Monsoon onset by middle of May thanks to the role played by Cyclone Roanu the rest of the progress was delayed.  Monsoon Onset over Kerala (MOK) happened on 8th June almost a week behind schedule Northeast saw almost a fortnight delay in onset while places like Mumbai saw a delay of about 10 days as Southwest Monsoon 2016 stuttered and stalled in its journey over the Indian Sub Continent. Overall though the entire country was covered by 13th July against the normal date of 15th July.

Overall the monsoon ended up at about -2.8% making it a normal year according to IMD classification.  Thanks to the delayed onset June was the poorest month of Southwest Monsoon this year ending at -11.1% while July saw the most active phase with multiple monsoon systems providing the trigger.  July ended up at 6.6% above average which ensured the overall numbers evened up subsequent to the poor August and September both of which ended with negative anomaly

It is no wonder Southwest Monsoon is one of the most unique weather events that happen around the globe, this year has once again it has proved that once again with a journey that has had the twists and turns of a Bollywood thriller.

With this post we now move onto Northeast Monsoon which is “Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikaalam”  our own little rainy season that is no less than its larger cousin Southwest Monsoon. We look forward to your feedback on the post.