Southwest Monsoon 2015 – Summary Series (As of 13th Aug.)

Did you know the difference between the districts with highest and lowest rainfall this Southwest Monsoon 2015 is almost 3350 mm.  East Khasi at almost 337 cms is the district with highest rainfall while Tuticorin at 1.8 cm has got the lowest rainfall among all districts in India so far.   Read on for such interesting information on Southwest Monsoon 2015

50% of the districts with highest rainfall is from the Northeastern States with the other 5 coming from the Peninsular West Coast. Surprisingly East Khasi Hills the topper was at 77% Excess at the end of June and is now -1% against normal rainfall.  In the intervening period it has received only 43% of the normal rainfall highlighting how Southwest Monsoon 2015 started and how it has tapered off since.


When one compiles the districts with the lowest rainfall during the period 8 out of the 10 is from Tamil Nadu with one from J&K, Leh&Ladakh a cold desert, one from Uttar Pradesh which is not far away from the Himalayan foothills. Thothukudi the worst district has not even got 2 cms in about 75 days of Southwest Monsoon 2015


Now let us look from a slightly different perspective.   The below table is of the Districts that are expected to receive the highest rainfall during the period.  If one looks at them it becomes very clear on the performance of Southwest Monsoon 2015.  Each of the district is below normal, in other words the places that is expected to receive heavy rainfall during this period has not received enough so far. 6 of the Top 10 districts are in Deficit or worse category


So which are the districts that has got abnormally high rains, the highlight of this list is the two desert districts of West Rajasthan, Jalore & Barmer in addition to with another cold desert Leh & Ladakh confirming El Nino years bring rains to the desert.

SWM4A list of the worst performing districts highlights how erratic Southwest Monsoon on the one had we have the highest rainfall districts in the Northern region of NE India, in the same NE India the Southern region is performing poorly. The entire table is made up of only two areas , Northeast & Gangetic Plains.



And finally a perspective from the Peninsular West Coast, traditionally an area known for Monsoon Magic.  Southwest Monsoon 2015 has been nothing short of disaster for Peninsular West Coast with the best performing district still at 2% lesser than normal rainfall. 17 out of the 21 districts are facing deficit condition this year.