Southwest Monsoon 2015 – So Far Series

Did you know among the Top 10 districts with highest average rainfall during Southwest Monsoon only East Khasi Hills has higher than average rains this #Monsoon2015.  Rest all 9 districts have received lesser than normal rainfall.  Read on for our latest in the Southwest Monsoon 2015 – So Far series.

As has been our habit we start with the districts with highest rainfall.   East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya has pretty much been on top for almost all of this Southwest Monsoon 2015 as the district with highest rainfall.   When this series was carried last on Aug.13th the top districts list had 2 districts each from Konkan&Goa and Coastal Karnataka and one from Kerala.  Among this 5 districts only Udupi is still in the Top 10 but sliding down the table.  Nothing signifies in a clearer manner the poor year the western coast is having.


Now for the list of districts with lowest rainfall so far this Southwest Monsoon 2015.  Last time around this list had 8 out of 10 districts from Tamil Nadu  While Tuticorin continues to occupy the top spot among districts with lowest rainfall in a reference to how things have evolved that last month or so over North India the list now has 6 districts from North India with 3 from Punjab.



If one observes the districts that have the highest positive anomaly during Southwest Monsoon 2015 so far compared to last time around on 13th August only Coimbatore & East Garo Hills are new all the others have been in the Top 10 for almost all of the season.



While we have shown the districts with highest rainfall so far this season what about the districts those are expected to have the highest rainfall and how have they performed this year? Not a good reading if one sees this list except for East Khasi Hills which is 35% more than average all the other districts have had lesser than normal rainfall and critically 8 out of 10 districts are in deficit zone. Says all about the lopsided Southwest Monsoon 2015.



Now for some numbers from the West Peninsular Coast.  When we did this a month back the best district  was at -2%.  Today the best district is at -10% effectively confirming how bad west coast has had a year.  Crucially after the first active phase of monsoon on 24th June the best district, Suburban Mumbai, had 188% excess over normal rainfall and from there is has now reached to -16% receiving only about 57 cms rainfall in almost 2 months.