Southwest Monsoon 2015 – Seasonal Summary 2

Did you know the 3 districts to have received the lowest rainfall this Southwest Monsoon 2015 season till date is from Tamil Nadu. On 26th we had put our first Seasonal summary for Southwest Monsoon 2015.  This is our second part in the series.  A slightly different take on which district are the gainers and which are the losers compared to last time around.

To start with the current status of District Spatial Analysis of Monsoon as of 2nd July 2015.  The Progress chart between 24th June to 2nd July indicates how many of the districts under a specific category retained the same status or changed status.  For e.g out of 113 scanty districts 11 became Excess, 30 became normal, 43 became Deficit and 29 continued to have scanty status.

swm1As one can observe there is good and bad news.  The good news is the reducing number of Scanty Districts.  But crucially the number of excess districts becoming Normal. Similarly the progress from Deficit to Normal is not as high as the number of deficit districts retaining the status.

The districts that have made the highest gains between 24th June and 2nd July indicates the changing fortunes for Gangetic Plains.


The Districts that have lost the most in the above period indicating the changing fortunes of Central India which had some heavy spells of rains earlier thanks to the Low Pressure that parked around Central India for a few days. Though crucially all the districts are still in excess category.

swm3The top 10 rainiest districts shows the continuing unbelievable season Assam, Meghalaya & Arunachal are having this year while neighboring NMMT region continues to suffer.  The monsoon break now showing up for west coast with the Konkan districts sliding down the table.  Next fortnight could see all 10 districts from only 2 Met divsions.

swm4Now for the worst districts so far.  Not so surprisingly 4 out of 10 districts of Tamil Nadu are in this list with the lowest rainfall received so far this SWM season.

swm5The current monsoon scene with the break is showing up in the numbers with only about 100 of the 600 districts receiving normal or above rainfall for yesterday’s data.  This underlines the importance of July as a month when buffer built up in June could vanish in no time.

swm6And finally the national update as of 2nd July.  Gangetic Plains clearly gaining in the last 10 days or so.  The West Coast of Peninsular India getting into trouble zone with the break in Monsoon.

swm7In other news #Chennai is expected to continue to be under moderate heat wave conditions with temperature expected to touch 40 Degrees today as well along with few other places of North Tamil Nadu.  There is some possibility of thunderstorms towards the evening in a few places of North Tamil Nadu.  Chennai could possibly miss out on rains today. Weather_map