Some Respite from Heat in Tamil Nadu Expected

Yesterday saw blistering heat in Tamil Nadu with Salem clocking 38°C for the first time in 2016 while  many places recorded more than 36°C across all parts of Tamil Nadu indicating the widely prevalent hot weather for the state along with rest of the Peninsular India.

Yesterday Gulbarga became the second place to record 40°C in India for the year 2016 after Bhubaneswar a couple of days back.  Some respite though is expected for most parts of Peninsular India as temperatures are expected to be a degree or two lesser than yesterday across the region.  While most parts of AP & Telengana are expected to see fairly hot weather conditions the temperatures could stay in the region of around 37 / 38°C rather than the 39 / 40°C which was prevailing for the last couple of days. Similarly Interior Karnataka will see some reduction in temperatures as well.


There is some respite expected from Heat in Tamil Nadu with the interior places mostly seeing a drop in temperatures except for some isolated pockets which could see hot weather conditions continue like yesterday.  On the overall most places of Tamil Nadu will see temperatures in the region of 34 / 35°C bringing in a much needed respite from the early summer like conditions.

Chennai is expected to see day time temperatures in the region of around 33°C while night time temperatures are expected to be fairly warm at around 25°C.