Slight reduction in Cold Conditions over TN

Weather Update

While winter conditions continue to prevail across Indian Sub Continent including Tamil Nadu during the early days of 2019 the talk everywhere was the abnormally cold weather prevailing over large swathes of Interior Peninsular India and in particular over the high ranges of Western Ghats.

Numerical weather models indicate the cold spell could ease slightly bringing some relief. Bhogi Morning could be warmer than the recent nights with most parts of Tamil Nadu seeing near normal minimum temperatures. Partly cloudy skies could play a role in this increase in night time temperatures. Equatorial waters have been seeing some convection & cloudiness which we had mentioned in our previous post.

Pongal morning though could places in North TN see a cooler morning compared to Bhogi morning with skies clearing up. Overall though the abnormally cold spell has sort of taken a break as of now. There is a very slight chance for some extremely light rains in South Coastal Tamil Nadu though it will not make any major difference to on ground conditions