Sizzling Sunday – Heat Wave in South India to continue

In what is going to be a Sizzling Sunday, Heat wave in South India, is set to notch up the heat factor over many parts of South India by a couple of degrees. Yesterday saw eight places in Tamil Nadu cross 38 degrees.  In the same context both Chennai & Chennai Airport recorded its hottest day of 2016 so far.

As a prelude to what is in store during summer we could see the trailer over the next few days as the Sun marks its entry into Northern Hemisphere for the first time in 2016.  South India will continue to be under intense heat wave like conditions over the next couple of days.


Along with the interior places of South India, places in Vidharba & Odisha are also likely to see fairly hot conditions during the day with temperatures expected to touch 40 degrees at many places over the states of Karnataka, Odisha, Andhra & Telengana and Maharashtra. Blame it on the strong Northwesterly surface winds that is going to blow hot air right through the early part of the day and fair bit of afternoon as well to keep the temperature high.


As we can observe from the chart we can now see the extreme conditions slowly dipping south with each passing day indicating the potential heat wave effect that is likely to affect parts of Tamil Nadu as well.  While already we have seen Madurai, Trichy, Karur, Vellore & Salem record 39 degrees till now during 2016 we are not very far away from the first 40 of Tamil Nadu.  It would not be surprise if Vellore records 40 degrees as maximum temperature today.

Chennai is also likely to see increase in temperature as surface level westerlies till mid afternoon play a role in shooting up the temperature.  While Meenambakkam has already recorded 36 degrees, Nungambakkam is likely to record its first 35 degree maximum temperature within a day or two.