Salubrious Weather Conditions in South India

The past week or so has seen South India enjoy some wonderful weather with pleasantly warm day time conditions across most parts of South India. Late evening to Mid Morning continues to be very pleasant and cool and nippy in the interior places as well.  West Coast though as is the case at this time of the year sees the hottest conditions in Peninsular India under the impact of Easterly winds.

Things are expected to continue in similar fashion as Salubrious weather conditions hold sway over Peninsular India with very little chance of any form of rains over the course of next week or so.  With clear skies enabling the day time heat escaping back into atmosphere the evenings become cooler and early morning temperatures end up much cooler.

Chennai and other parts of Northern Tamil Nadu will continue to see slightly below normal minimum temperatures while the day will possibly be pleasantly warm making it a perfect weekend day to go out for a ride.  The past few days have seen places like Tirupathur in Vellore district record temperatures in the region of 16°C

On the occasion of the National Weatherman Day here is our tribute to those hardworking weathermen and meteorologists.  They are not always serious blokes.  Enjoy these light hearted videos of some crazy weather forecasts.

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