S.Tamil Nadu to sizzle under hot conditions, mostly dry elsewhere

Dry Weather prevailed over most parts of Tamil Nadu yesterday as was the case for most of the country except East India.  With the absence of any synoptic support dry conditions have been prevailing over Peninsular India with temperatures expected to show an increasing trend compared to the last few days. The dry conditions are expected to prevail over the next few days.


As a matter of fact almost all of the Indian sub continent is facing dry conditions except for the areas currently under the influence of the Low Pressure area over Gangetic West Bengal.  Things are expected to be similar as the Low Pressure makes slow progress in a NW direction along the Gangetic Plains providing rains to the areas under its travel.  With September coming in it is that time of the year one needs to look out for the withdrawal symptoms for Southwest Monsoon. NW India has been dry for the past couple of days and is expected to stay dry over the next few days. But the paths taken by the current Low and a possible low expected around middle of September will hold key on the change of wind directions over the Greater Thar desert region indicating the seasonal reversal of winds.


In the meanwhile dry weather is expected to dominate Tamil Nadu with very little chance of any major thunderstorm activity in the state.  There is some chance of some isolated thunderstorm activity expected in the South Coastal Tamil Nadu region between Ramanathapuram & Nagappattinam though this is likely to be extremely isolated and provide light rains at best. With clearer skies temperatures are also expected to show an increase by around 2 degrees across most parts of the state in particular the southern parts of the state which could see temperatures touch 38 / 39°C around Tirunelveli / Madurai.

Chennai to remain under fair weather conditions with uncomfortable evening on the cards thanks to pretty much still breeze condition that is expected to prevail over most parts of the evening and late night.