S. Tamil Nadu in line for heavy spells of Rains

As expected by most models yesterday saw many places in Tamil Nadu receive rains.  Particularly the coastal areas from Delta districts till Ramanathapuram along with the districts of Trichy & Madurai recorded moderate rains at many places.  It was indeed a welcome relief from the heat for many of these places as Manachanallur about 20 kms to the North of Trichy on the northern banks of River Cauvery recorded more than 3 cms rains yesterday afternoon.  Similarly a few places in Ramanathapuram district also recorded moderate rains as well.

Under the influence of the Trough at Mean Sea Level persisting in the Southwest Bay region we are likely to see another day of fairly widespread rains in Tamil Nadu.  As has been the pattern yesterday we are likely to see South Tamil Nadu take the bulk of the rains.  In particular Western Ghats is likely to play a very crucial role in the rainfall pattern acting as a barrier and creating orographic rainfall in the region.

Additionally a wind confluence zone is developing at an altitude of about 1.5 kms above mean sea level which will create an instability in the atmosphere providing for some heavy spells of rains in parts of South Tamil Nadu and adjoining areas of Kerala along the Western Ghats. A few places in Theni, Dindigul, Tirunelveli & Virudhunagar districts are likely to see heavy spells of rains during the course of the day.

While South Tamil Nadu could receive the bulk of the rains parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu is also in line to record some moderate to heavy spells of rains over the course of the day.  In particular the stretch between Pondicherry & Vedaranyam could be in line for some good rains today.  Other places of North Tamil Nadu could see some isolated spells of rains with Chennai possibly becoming a case of so near yet so far.  Nevertheless places slightly to the South of Chennai could see a spell or two of moderate spells of rains.


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