Record Breaking Weather in Tamil Nadu continues with Hot Conditions

Weather in Tamil Nadu for the last week or so has been hot with day time temperatures well above normal at many places.  In particular the interior places of the state has been seeing almost summer like conditions as clear skies and the absence of any thunderstorm activity making it an uncomfortable phase while the state awaits the onset of the Easterlies.

As one can see in the chart given places like Karur & Dharmapuri have already recorded their highest ever temperatures for the month of October over the last couple of days.  Dharmapuri which broke the record on 3rd has notched up the bar higher by a further 0.1°C yesterday.  Karur recorded its hottest October day ever on 3rd sending the previous hottest day recorded way back in 1983 to History.


Palayamkottai (Tirunelveli) and Tiruchirappalli came very close to creating their own records this year though it appears it is a matter of time before these two places also enter the record books.  If Tiruchirappalli records more than 38.9°C it would break a record that has been there for more than a century.

Weather in Tamil Nadu is expected to continue in similar conditions over the next few days as dry and hot conditions will dominate most parts of the state.  Isolated thunderstorms are likely over Coastal TN around the delta region but widespread rains are not in the immediate horizon.