Rains to return back for Coastal Tamil Nadu

After Northeast Monsoon ended with massive deficit for Tamil Nadu things certainly look grim for the state as far as upcoming summer goes. While off season rains cannot replace the Monsoon season any help in the form of spells of rains could possibly mitigate the circumstances.

One such opportunity arises this weekend as spells of rains from Easterly trough is likely to provide rains to many parts of the state.

While the rains are likely to be more concentrated around the delta districts many parts of the coastal districts could get a spell of two of rains. The rains are likely to show up from late evening / night with some places getting moderate rains peaking around early morning in classic Northeast Monsoon style.

Chennai is also in line to recieve a spell of two under the influence of this Easterly trough. But the rains are unlikely to be heavy and continuous. Let’s enjoy what ever little rains we get over the next couple of days.

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