Rains to continue over Interior areas of Peninsular India

As expected South Tamil Nadu has started receiving rains thanks to the low level circulation south west of Kerala. Places like Madurai etc received a heavy spell of rains today evening.  Places adjoining the Western Ghats in the districts of Kanyakumari & Tirunelveli also has been receiving spells of rains since afternoon.


These rains are expected to continue for another day or two over Kerala & South Tamil Nadu.  Additionally interior places in Peninsular India would also get Thunderstorms with possible hail storms over places like Karnataka, Maharashtra & MP etc thanks to the interaction of two fronts,  the dry air from Bay of Bengal being pushed out by the HPA over Myanmar and adjoining areas and the moist air incursion from the Arabian Sea thanks to the Western Disturbance over North West India.


Unfortunately for Chennai we have to only watch with certain regret on how the rains continue to elude us almost always.