Rains to continue in Tamil Nadu

For third straight day North Interior Tamil Nadu could get its share of thunderstorms.  The areas around Vellore / Dharmapuri & adjoining regions of Karnataka could see late afternoon thunderstorms.

Similarly the areas around Kadappa, Tirupati could see another day of thunderstorms today. South Coastal Tamil Nadu & coastal Kerala could   see another day of Easterly pushed rains.  All in All another rainy day on cards for many places of Tamil Nadu


The last few days have a case of So Near Yet So Far with regard to rains for Chennai.  Chennai’s prospects of rains today depend on the thunderstorms forming over North Interior Tamil Nadu and moving in a NE direction towards the coast.  Unlike last few days a key advantage Chennai has today is the passing of the trough line right over Chennai creating the desired instability for thunderstorms. Tonight represents the best opportunity for Chennai in terms of rains, far better than the last couple of days, hopefully the ushering of the Tamil New Year brings a change in prospects for Chennai.