Rains take backseat as Heat takes charge of Weather in Tamil Nadu

The start of July has seen Weather in Tamil Nadu change dramatically compared to the second half of June.  While most of June saw fairly comfortable weather except for a few days in the early part of the month the first day of July has seen temperatures soar in many places. One or two place seeing more than 4 degrees increase compared to the last day of June as dry weather in Tamil Nadu set the ball rolling for increased temperatures.Weather_Update_1

Except for Adirampattinam and Puducherry almost all the other stations showed an increased temperature compared to the last few days with Thootukudi seeing a 4.4 degree increase compared to 30th June.  If one looks at the table it is quite clear except for Western TN the pattern of weather in Tamil Nadu has been pretty much the same with increasing temperature trend.


Temperatures are likely to be high today as well with many places around South & Central Interior TN seeing temperatures in the region of around 39 / 40 degrees.  Madurai is likely to see a repeat of yesterday with temperatures in the region of around 40 degrees once again.  Places in  North Tamil Nadu could see temperatures touch around 37 degrees particularly around the Western Suburbs of Chennai like Avadi / Tiruvallur etc.  Chennai city as such could see temperatures in the region of around 36 degrees.


The likely precipitation map also indicates the reason why Weather in Tamil Nadu has skewed towards a drier outlook and increased temperatures.  Almost the entire month of June saw active monsoon conditions around North Kerala & South Karnataka. This meant a fair bit of moisture migration happened across the Peninsula in addition to the presence of tropical disturbances to the East of Chennai keeping the temperatures under check.  But it appears Kerala & South Karnataka could see a subdued monsoon phase over the next couple of days which possibly will influence the weather in Tamil Nadu as well with warmer conditions and lesser rainfall prospects.

Parts of Central India is likely to see isolated heavy rains around Chhatisgarh & East MP and adjoining areas of Vidharba under the influence of the Low Pressure parked off the coast near Odisha.  The Konkan region is likely to see another heavy rainfall day between Mumbai & Goa with few places expected to see 24 hour rainfall in the region of around 20 cms once again this weekend.