Rains in Tamil Nadu Eases, Turn of the year to be dry

With the Trough of Low near Sri Lanka reducing in intensity Rains in Tamil Nadu have eased with some moderate rains in a few places of South Tamil Nadu seen yesterday. The Turn of the Year is expected to see dry weather prevail over most parts of the Peninsular India with pretty much quite bay expected over the next week or so.

Northeast Monsoon Update:

A few days back we had mentioned about how the the dry phase is on the cards for most parts of Tamil Nadu with one of the factors referred was the position of the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ).  While the position of ITCZ is not the key factor that decides the rains, during monsoon seasons it does play a dominating role on the vertical spread of the rains over Peninsular India.  Over the last few days the ITCZ has moved further south to about 10S Latitude compared to the 7S Latitude a few days back.  This would show up in the days to come when the convection bands start to form further South over Northern Hemisphere with mostly Sri Lanka getting benefited by the rains while most rains in Tamil Nadu will be mostly a miss unless an organized disturbance makes its way into the Bay.


While the next day or so could see Isolated Rains in Tamil Nadu particularly around the Coastal Region of South TN these are going to be sporadic and could possibly be passing showers at most of the times.  These are also expected to fade away leading to a fairly dry phase of about a fortnight or so as 2015 gives way to 2016.


While some parts of interior Peninsular India is expected to see temperatures return to normal over the next few days Coastal Areas will have to wait for a few more days before it becomes completely normal though the temperature anomaly is expected to be lesser than what was there last week.

Chennai Weather Update:

Slightly Warm day with maximum temperature sitting at around 31°C with mostly clear skies expected on 29th December.  Early morning could see the minimum temperature drop to about 22°C leading to a very pleasant morning.  Go out and Enjoy your morning walk in the nice nippy Chennai Weather.