Rains in Chennai to slow down soon

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After keeping the city in its tentacle like grips for the last one month or so Rains in Chennai is expected to finally relent its hold over the next couple of days to provide huge boost to the citizens of the city.  In a welcome relief to both people already affected and all those volunteers who have been working tirelessly to provide relief to the affected people the rains are expected to stay away mostly from Chennai.  Today & Tomorrow could be possibly the last set of days when rains are expected to impact the extreme North Coastal Tamil Nadu.

Northeast Monsoon Update Under the influence of the Low Pressure the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu continue to get rains and the situation is expected to continue for another day or so.  As things stand the Low Pressure Area now present over the Comorin Sea is expected to move towards the Arabian Sea. As the west movement happens the rains will happen over the interior places and slowly parts of West Coast will start getting the rains.


Rains in Chennai Update While the low pressure is still persisting to the S/SW of the Indian coast slowly it appears  parts of extreme North Tamil Nadu could come under the influence of an anti cyclone (High Pressure) Zone emerging out of Central India.  As this evolves the wind directions would start become N/NE and possibly the city could start facing the dry continental air.  At higher levels from tomorrow there is a firm high pressure zone over most parts of Peninsular India which could mean the rainfall prospects for Chennai is expected to slow down.


While it appears the effect of High Pressure Zone is expected to impact Chennai from tomorrow firmly today we could see on and off spells of rains which could be moderate to heavy at times.  Rains are expected to slow down completely from possibly Tuesday in what is going to be a huge relief for the city and its people.