Rains Ease over Southern Parts of Peninsular India

While Monsoon continues to be active over the northern latitudes of Peninsular India, rains have eased over the Southern parts which a much quieter day seen yesterday.  While Wednesday saw only the ghat areas of Nilgiris & Coimbatore record note worthy rains it was similar story on Thursday as well with Gudalur recording about 3 cms and a near dry day over places like Uthagamandalam.  The situation over Kanyakumari district also was the same with no place recording any meaningful spell of rains on Thursday.

Yesterday saw both the observatories of Chennai record above 38 degrees while Cuddalore touched 39 degrees as clearer skies and strong Westerlies meant a fairly hot day in the coastal areas of North TN.  Today also temperatures are likely to stay above normal for most parts of the state as places in South Tamil Nadu like Madurai / Tirunelveli etc are likely to see day time maximum temperatures touch 3 / 4°C above normal.

As mentioned in our opening remarks rains are likely to stay subdued over the Southern parts of Peninsular India with most places in Kerala expected to miss out on any heavy spells of rains over the next day or two. Places in Konkan & Uttara Kannada coast could see heavy spells of rains in a few areas while the heaviest rains from the monsoon today will possibly be over isolated places in Gujarat / South Rajastan under the influence of the Low Pressure Area now persisting over the Saurashtra region.

Dry climate is likely to prevail over most parts of Tamil Nadu with some chance of convective thunderstorms over South Tamil Nadu in one or two places.  All in All Hot Day ahead with less chance of rains for most parts of the state

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