Rain Update from Low Pressure Area in Bay of Bengal

The rains have reached upto Marakkanam, roughly about 75 – 100 kms to the South of Chennai.  Will Chennai get rains at all


The Low Pressure Area is showing some decent organization and could pick up intensity still and develop into a WML.


The billion dollar question is will Chennai get rains?  Going by forecasts by various weather models the outlook is pretty bleak, but there is a cause for optimism If one observes the Wind chart the HPA is showing some signs of elongation to the east which could be an effect of the Low Pressure Area slowly organizing itself.


While it is not a case of sure shot rains on the cards, the chance of rains are roughly the same as what it was when we first predicted rains for Chennai.  North Tamil Nadu has got rains until little North of Pondy, Chennai is not far away lets have some more patience.