Possible Rains over Interior Tamil Nadu

It is that time of the year when the sun mercilessly bears down all over us.  But it is also that time of the year when the Sun plays a crucial role in heat transfer and the trigger for convective rains or as most of us would have heard from the IMD “Veppa Salanam”

A few places over interior North Tamil Nadu and adjoining places of Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh will possibly get convective rains in the late afternoon today.  As always with Convective Thunderstorms the ones that get formed are invariably intense and could provide heavy spells of rains while passing through.

The thunderstorms are expected to follow in a SE direction with possible rains on the way in places like Cuddalore / Villupuram before the coastal region around Nagapattinam possibly gets some remnan rains.


Weather_mapThe winds currently do not favour Chennai for any major impact or rain prospects.  But we will keep a watch and update you of any developments.