Possible Pleasant Chennai Weather with some rains interspersed

Yesterday’s rains in many suburbs of Chennai highlighted the risk with Chennai Weather forecasts particularly when it comes to the thunderstorm season between summer & the onset of Northeast Monsoon.  During the evening time we had places around Tambaram, OMR and few suburbs to the south of the city get some spells of rains while the thunderstorms from the interiors crossed over to the Sea.  After a break of few hours later in the night another bunch of thunderstorms crossed over to the sea passing through some Northern areas of the city giving spells of short intense showers in a few areas while places like Ponneri & Gummidipoondi to the North of Chennai got good spells of rains.


Today we are going to see Chennai Weather see similar days as last May when Cyclone Roanu was around a summer day that struggles to cross 35 degrees during the day thanks to the cloudy skies and fair bit of moisture available across various  layers of the atmosphere.  Most areas of South Andhra Pradesh & North Tamil Nadu are likely to see similar conditions thanks to the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation which is place to the North of Chennai.


Places in North Tamil Nadu & South AP is seeing very high atmospheric instability today evening as indicated by the CAPE values over the region by numerical models which potentially is going to aid development of thunderstorms well as and when they form.

While models indicate some moderate spells of rains to happen over the NW of Chennai just off the coast there are firm possibilities to see some rains spill over to the south of the region indicated by the models and parts of Chennai & its suburbs receive rains today as well like yesterday.  The exact impact areas will be known once the thunderstorms form though most parts of the region are likely to see on and off spells of thunderstorms in a few places.