Possible heavy rainfall for South Tamil Nadu & Kerala

While most parts of the country is going through a dry phase, south Tamil Nadu is on line to face a spell of isolated heavy rains over the next couple of days.  A combination of factors have created favourble environment for rains over South Tamil Nadu

Places around Madurai are already getting heavy rains today afternoon.


Thanks to a Upper Level Circulation south of Sri Lanka the dynamics have changed for South Tamil Nadu & adjoining places of Kerala.  Aided by Easterlies this UAC is now pumping a lot of moisture into South Tamil Nadu.  The zone is also showing a lot of convergence creating a very conducive environment for rainfall over the adjoining regions.


Over the course of next 24 to 36 hours a lot of places in South Tamil Nadu and South Kerala will receive rains with a few places getting heavy rains.  One of two places could get very heavy rains to.

Additionally a few places along the Western Ghats will also heavy rains.  Places near Theni & Nilgiris area could possibly heavy rains.


There is a possibility for some rainfall over coastal North Tamil Nadu as well, though this could be isolated and over one or two places.  The areas to the south of Pondicherry have better chances of rainfall. As far as Chennai is concerned we could have spells of cloudy weather over the next 24 to 36 hours, some passing showers might occur though it may not be sustained rainfall.