Possible Heat Wave in TamilNadu – Northern Districts to bear the brunt

Mr. Summer has been trying to compensate for the time he lost out to the rainy days last week and is now on steroids mode to blazing glory.

The next few days could see a  possible Heat wave in TamilNadu, especially around the interior places of Northern Districts.  Places like Vellore, Arakkonam & Tiruttani etc could see temperatures cross 40⁰C over the next few days.  The max temperature could touch 42⁰C in one or two places in the coming days.


With pretty much the entire country starting to heat there is going to be no respite from the heat.  Indian sub continent is currently the hottest place in the world with a few places in Vidharbha crossing 45⁰C yesterday

Chennai has already set two consecutive highest day time temperatures of the year over the last two days and possibly could touch 40⁰C shortly.


Please take absolute care while going out during the day time and hydrate yourselves adequately to prevent sun strokes.