Possible Heat wave for North Interior Tamil Nadu

After playing hide and seek since the start of Agni Nathchathiram, its time to say Hello to Mr. Summer.

North Interior Tamil Nadu, the areas bordering the Rayalseema region of Andhra Pradesh could see heat wave conditions over the next couple of days.  Places between Tiruvannamalai to Vellore and surrounding areas could see day time temperatures touching around 40 C.  Chennai could see further increase in day time temperature to around 37 / 38 C over the next couple of days. There is a fair possibility of Chennai notching up another High for the Year today & tomorrow.

We hope over the next couple of days after Sun has shined its blessings over Chennai we will get a lucky break in the form of possible rainfall opportunities in the next week.


While we at North Tamil Nadu are expected to bear the brunt of Sun those from South Tamil Nadu are expected to get lucky with some more rains forecasted for tomorrow thanks to a combination of factors.  The coastal areas of Tamil Nadu could get some isolated spells of rains which could possibly stretch up to Pondicherry in the North.  The places around Erode could possibly see some Convection driven rains (Veppa Salanam)