Pleasant Weather in Chennai, Possible rains for Bangalore

The last few days have seen fairly pleasant weather in Chennai with cool late nights & early mornings.  While the days were warm last week, Sunday saw a very pleasant day thanks to the partial cloud cover the city saw due to the developing wind confluence over North Peninsular India & Central India.

As explained in our yesterday’s post parts of Peninsular India is seeing a wind induced instability because of which isolated rains are expected today over South Interior Karnataka.  Bangalore could see some spells of rains later in the evening / night.  Though the increased cloud cover could result in a slightly warm day for most parts of Interior Peninsular India it is expected to keep the temperature under check over the East Coast with the temperatures expected to be a degree or so lower than the pattern seen last week.


Western Coast could also see day time temperatures that are lesser than the trend last week thanks to the moisture incursion from the Arabian Sea.  Going by the expected temperature charts a few places in Coastal Tamil Nadu could see less than 30°C temperatures leading to a very pleasant winter day.  There is a fair possibility for weather in Chennai to follow this pattern today with a pleasant day on the offing.


The night time temperatures over the West Coast is expected to be below normal with quite a few places seeing temperatures dip to the low 10s’. Interior places though could see above average night time temperatures with a few places in North Interior Karnataka expected to see almost 3 – 5 degrees above average night time temperatures.   Coastal Tamil Nadu will continue to see temperatures in the region of 20°C while interior regions of North TN could see the temperatures dip to about 15 – 18°C.

Weather in Chennai is expected to be pleasant with day time temperature around 29 – 30°C while night time temperatures should be around 20°C.  Suburban areas could see temperatures dip to about 19°C or so.