Peak Heatwave conditions likely over Peninsular India

Weather Update
Reading Time: 3 minutes

If one were to ask a person going on a road to give example of a natural disaster 9 out 10 times heatwave may not be the answer. Cyclones, Floods, Earth quakes may be the answers we may receive for the above question. Incidentally Lightning related deaths are the highest among all natural disasters in India. Similarly another lesser talked about weather event is Heatwaves. In a way the absence of clear protocols to document human impact many times the exact impact is unknown. The General elections coverage this year has brought out more instances of people fainting / dying while waiting to votes. Hopefully this year turns marks a turning point in terms of better awareness and preparations for heatwaves in the country.

Yesterday kicked off the most active phase of the current spell of Heatwave over Peninsular India. A day when Rentachintala, close to the AP / TS border recorded 46.2°C. Down south Tirupati recorded its 2nd hottest day after a scorching 45.6°C at the pilgrim town. 9 out of the Top 10 hottest places in the country was from the composite AP & TS states. The IMD observatory at Karur Paramathi recorded 44°C making it the first place in Tamil Nadu to touch 44°C this year. Yesterday also saw the first time Chennai AP observatory record 40°C while Nungambakkam recorded 39°C.

If one thought yesterday’s Heatwave was bad, they may be in for a shock. Weather models indicate today and tomorrow (2nd and 3rd of May) could be the peak of this spell of heatwave. There is fair consistency among models the temperatures across Peninsular India may be 0.5°C to 1°C higher than yesterday for the next couple of days. While most parts of TN saw day time max temperatures stay about 3 / 4°C above normal yesterday, it could be 4 / 5°C above normal today. Karur Paramathi saw 7°C above normal peak temperatures yesterday and similar trend is expected today too.

Not only Karur but adjoining Erode, Namakkal, Salem and Trichy districts may remain the hotspot today as well. North Interior TN districts of Vellore, Tirupathur, Tiruvannamalai, Ranipet may not be far away as temperatures peak to about 42 /43°C here. Yesterday also saw for the first time sea breeze struggle around the Chennai coast even within city areas. This resulted in the Nungambakkam IMD observatory recording 39°C while suburbs were hotter. Weather models indicate sea breeze may struggle around Chennai coast for the next couple of days. Between today and Sunday there is a fair chance even Nungambakkam may record its first 40°C of the season.

To cut a long story short. Stay Indoors during afternoons. If you cannot avoid travelling Stay hydrated, drink lots of water. Always carry an umbrella / cap / hat when you step out. Stay safe.