Partly cloudy skies to set the scene in Chennai, Isolated Light Rains likely

As Monsoon starts to strengthen once again Chennai is likely to be under partly cloudy skies over the next few days which will keep temperatures under check and bring forth possibilities of some rains for Chennai in the coming days. Yesterday saw most of Tamil Nadu record lower maximum temperatures across most parts of the state as both Chennai observatories recorded below normal temperatures by about 0.6 and 0.1 degrees respectively for Nungambakkam & Meenambakkam.

Thanks to the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation that now straddles the East Coast of Peninsular India off North Andhra Coast & Odisha Coast Southwest Monsoon has got a very good impetus.  This is visible in the movement of the Monsoon conditions over East India with now most parts of West Bengal covered by Monsoon.  Further progress could be expected on the eastern front today as well.  While the Western arm over Arabian Sea has seen slow progress since the initial onset things are expected to improve there as well with now the off shore trough once again persisting and showing signs of picking up.  We could possibly see Mumbai see Monsoon Onset over the next 24 to 48 hours.  Weather_Update

Most parts of Peninsular India is likely to see cloudy conditions persist with temperatures likely to be about a degree or two lesser than normal while parts of Andhra & Telengana will see temperatures well below normal.  Chennai is also likely to see partly cloudy conditions as day time maximum temperature is likely to be around 35 degrees.  Humidity could be higher than normal though under these partly cloudy conditions.   Weather_Update_2

Coastal Karnataka & Kerala are likely to see monsoon rains revive once again as the off shore trough starts showing up under improving monsoon conditions.   Telengana and Chhatisgarh is likely to see heavy rains in a few places particularly around North Telengana like Adilabad, Nirmal etc and the adjoining areas of Vidharba & Chhatisgarh


While mostly cloudy skies are going to be the order of the day today there is some chance of light rains over North Coastal Tamil Nadu in places around Chennai.  This will depend on how the moisture drag happens over Peninsular India under the influence of the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation in Bay of Bengal.