Overnight rains lash many parts of Tamil Nadu, possible late night rains today as well

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Many districts of Tamil Nadu have been lashed by overnight thunderstorms which are still continuing as this post is being made over parts of Tiruvannamalai, Cuddalore, Villupuram, Vellore & Kanchipuram districts.  While Chennaites could feel aggrieved about missing out on rains these thunderstorms will surely go a long way in recharging ground water in many places. 

With early morning storms still continuing and a scrambled wind pattern prevailing Chennai unfortunately has got itself seated in a empty zone thereby missing out on the rainfall opportunities that have given rains all around us.  Nevertheless there exists a possibility of some places getting light rains during the morning time with spells of passing showers.

It is always difficult to estimate the days when these remnant thunderstorms linger around during the morning hours leaving cloudy skies and moisture at the upper levels.  But the good thing is the wind instability that has played a crucial role in last night’s thunderstorms continues to persist today as well

With a pseudo Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation type of conditions prevailing it is fair to assume there is going to be possible rainfall opportunities once again for Tamil Nadu during the late night though which of the areas that will benefit is likely to depend on how the actual wind pattern evolves compared to what model estimates.

Considering the wind instability is expected to move slightly to the North of what was expected yesterday we could possibly assume there is a fair chance of some late night / past midnight rainfall possibilities for North Coastal TN including Chennai.

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