Oppressive Conditions to continue for North Tamil Nadu

The oppressive heat wave conditions prevailing over North Tamil Nadu and Coastal Andhra Pradesh shows no signs of relenting as both Chennai observatories scored 5th straight day of 40°C though the city areas enjoyed respite from early sea breeze around 12 PM keeping the temperatures lower compared to Thursday.  No such luck for Southern and western suburbs where temperature remained high well into the afternoon with Meenambakkam seeing its 3rd straight 42°C

While rest of Tamil Nadu saw some reduction in day time temperatures thanks to overnight thunderstorms which gave good rains to the interiors no such luck for North TN which continues to see oppressive conditions along the coast with Pondicherry seeing its 3rd straight 42°C day yesterday.  Places like Trichy, Karur, Salem all saw very comfortable weather under the influence of more moisture in the air and stronger dead west winds.

The east coast of Peninsular India will continue to see oppressive conditions with abnormally hot weather continuing under what is likely to be fairly clear sky today compared to yesterday.  Add to it the stiff Westerlies that has been seen from early in the morning pointing to a fairly hot day ahead for North Tamil Nadu around the coastal areas and adjoining parts of South AP.  Unlike Thursday due to lesser spatial spread of thunderstorms yesterday we could see once again more places inching towards the 40 mark.

We can expect Chennai Nungambakkam inch closer to 42 with possibly 4  / 5 degrees above normal while Meenambakkam could cross 43 once again if the sea breeze gets delayed though the good news is models are estimating sea breeze to be strong and reach just before noon.  Like Thursday we can see temperatures run away like Usain Bolt early in the morning.


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