Northeast Monsoon – Update

The Well Marked Low has strengthened the easterlies over Southern Peninsula paving way for the revival of Northeast Monsoon actively over Tamil Nadu.  North Tamil Nadu saw heavy mid week rains through the Low in Bay of Bengal.

With the revival of Northeast Monsoon, Peninsular India especially over east coast, would start receiving regular rains during late nights / early mornings.  The rains would not be as wide spread and heavy as the midweek rains.  This is courtesy the regular moisture which gets pushed in from South China Sea and Western Pacific.

As things evolve the rains would start to increase both spatially and in intensity when Monsoonal Trough / Low forms over the Bay of Bengal.  There is a possibility going by forecasts put by few models the next disturbance in Bay of Bengal is expected to happen in a week’s time though we suggest a wait and watch on how the factors evolve in the days to come.  In the meanwhile let us look forward to those occasional spells of rains truly heralding the next phase of சென்னையில் ஒரு மழைக்காலம்