Northeast Monsoon Update – 6th December, Some More Rains for South Tamil Nadu

Finally some good news to share on the Rain front though how much of it would translate to Chennai is a billion dollar question. Slide3

The first very important piece of good news for us is the slow momentum the Easterlies are building in the Bay of Bengal.  Over the next few days they would start to making impact over Peninsular India.  Considering the location of ITCZ we are still not sure if they would move up North by very much,in all probability North TN could get marginally lucky.


The second bit of news is the presence of upper level circulation south east of Sri Lanka which is expected to move in a westerly direction and may be kiss the Sri Lankan shores at its southern tip and move away to the west.  As things stand it is unlikely it is going to develop into any major disturbance in the Bay.  Nevertheless it could give some more rains to Sri Lanka and South TN once again.

Over the next few days starting from late night today or may be tomorrow South Tamil Nadu would start getting some rains.  North Tamil Nadu might get some rains though could be isolated starting from Monday night or early Tuesday.