Northeast Monsoon gets ready to withdraw

Weather Update

In what could be the best way to start for a lot of our followers overall dynamics indicate Northeast Monsoon is getting ready to withdraw for the year once the current spell of rains over the next couple of days end. Regular weather watchers will agree when we say Northeast Monsoon has a tendency to switch off without much notice and many a time this has been reflected in models getting wrong drastically with cyclone forecasts going wrong, heavy rains going wrong etc.

A combination of favorable developments also mean what could have turned out to be a spell of rains that may have destroyed months of hard work for the delta farmers could end up taking a favorable turn with heavier rains now likely to fall further to the south of Delta areas than originally anticipated. Fingers Crossed.

For North TN the best spell of rains are already behind us, while we may receive some light to moderate rains until early next week overall the trend is leaning towards the winter regime with dry air intrusion likely to strengthen. All in all a wonderful Monsoon season is all set to draw curtains, a season that possibly taught the weather bloggers the most in recent years. நடப்பவை எல்லாம் நல்லதுக்கே