Northeast Monsoon in Break Mode

After almost raining nonstop since the start of November Northeast Monsoon finally has gone into break mode with yesterday seeing dry weather prevailing over most parts of Tamil Nadu.   This is going to go a long way in helping the flood waters recede in the districts of Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur, Cuddalore & Chennai which has seen some of the heaviest rainfall in recent times fall over the last fortnight.

Bay of Bengal Disturbance Update: IMD has announced the forming of a trough of low over South Bay.  This is now present off the Sri Lankan coast and IMD expects this disturbance to become a Tropical Low by around 26th November.  While the model runs seem to have some consensus in terms of the genesis there seems to be some divergence on both the track and timeline for this Disturbance to move towards the coast.


Another point of consideration is the disturbance could be an elongated circulation circulation in its early life which could mean it taking a slightly longer time to consolidate and move towards the South Indian coast.  While this disturbance could be a firm threat in the days to come and we need to watch it carefully clear mind is needed at this time than panic stricken mind so we would advice all to be patient and understand the evolving scenario.

As explained above Northeast Monsoon has gone into break mode and today also it is likely we might see pretty much dry weather across most parts of the state.Isolated spells of rains could be possible in South TN.

Chennai Weather Update: Fairly clear skies with day time temperature expected to be around 31 / 32°C.  Much needed sunshine today as well to help the waters recede.  Rainfall chances look limited as things stand