Northeast Monsoon 2022 Outlook

Weather Update
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Monsoon is a word. Northeast Monsoon is an emotion.

Even this phrase possibly does not capture the complete gamut of emotions weather bloggers of Chennai and rest of Tamil Nadu go through while tracking Northeast Monsoon. This tracking picks up pace around end August early September when initial indications of Southwest Monsoon withdrawal start appearing in long term weather model outputs resulting in various permuations and combinations discussed by bloggers on not just the onset window but also the overall performance of Northeast Monsoon. In a way this fascination for tracking Northeast Monsoon has brought out a unique phenomenon perhaps found much more during Northeast Monsoon than any other monsoon.

“Seasonal Outlooks by Weather Bloggers” Here we present our own version of what could be expected of Northeast Monsoon 2022 season. Please note this is not an official forecast and may not be in sycn with what the official agencies of the country expect for this period.