North Tamil Nadu to see evening thunderstorms light up

After a very active Sunday when intense rains lashed Chennai and many places surrounding it the expectations run high for rainfall from the citizens.  While Monday saw some isolated rains happen in North Coastal Tamil Nadu the rain bands though went to the south of Chennai with parts of Kanchipuram enjoying these evening thunderstorms.  Similarly South Tamil Nadu saw some isolated thunderstorms in the Ramanathapuram to Delta stretch.

Though the remnant thunderstorms hung till the morning yesterday the day was quite hot in most places of North Tamil Nadu with Vellore, Trichy & Madurai recording above 39°C.  A similar hot day is expected today as well with most parts of Tamil Nadu expected to see above normal temperatures during the day with possibly small pockets around extreme North TN seeing near normal temperatures.

The abnormal heat though for sure is going to help in the lifting of air particles during the day there by triggering the convective process across the interiors. As the thunderstorms from the interiors move towards the coast models expect some bit of intensification due to convergence aided by sea breeze during late evening.  While we would not like to rule out isolated places getting fairly intense thunderstorms overall most parts of North Tamil Nadu from Pondicherry till possibly parts of South AP around SHAR is in line for some moderate spells of rains during late evening / night.

Chennai is also in line for another day of rains possibly though the exact impact area will depend on where the interior thunderstorms form and the prevailing wind pattern during the time of the day.

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