North Tamil Nadu Heat Wave Conditions to Blaze during weekend

Yesterday in North Tamil Nadu Heat Wave conditions prevailed as Chennai crossed 40°C for the first time in 2016 while Tiruttani became the hottest place in Tamil Nadu recording 43 degrees yesterday while Vellore also recorded a very high 42.7 degrees.  Things are likely to get worse between today and tomorrow with temperatures expected to add another couple of notches compared to yesterday.


As one can observe from the charts in Tamil Nadu Heat Wave conditions are likely to envelop almost all of Northern parts of the state. Under the impact of land winds from the NW we are likely to see extreme day time heat in North Tamil Nadu & South Andhra Pradesh.  Particularly around the coast of South Andhra we are likely to see quite a few places cross 45 degrees while in the interiors of North Tamil Nadu we can see possibly a few places in Vellore & Tiruvallur districts inch closer towards 43 / 44 degrees aided by the NW winds.  These oppressive conditions are likely to continue tomorrow also.


Going by models its going to be an extremely hot day for the western suburbs of Chennai with the stretch between Avadi & Tiruttani seeing absolute scorcher of a day.  Temperatures in the Tiruttani / Tiruvallur belt is expected to stay around 43 degrees for most parts of the afternoon with the sea breeze not strong enough to provide respite to these places.

Chennai is likely to see another day of temperatures around 40 degrees thanks to the heat getting carried to the coastal region from the interiors.  As things stand we are likely to see Sea Breeze set in around 2 PM though indications are it might be weak and temperatures might take some time to come down making it a very very oppressive day.