No Respite from Heat for Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu continues to be under the firm grip of Heat Wave conditions as IMD issued Heat Wave warning for 3rd Straight Day yesterday for Isolated Places in more than 20 districts.  Once again North Tamil Nadu bore the brunt of the unrelenting West / Northwesterly winds.  The early morning thunderstorms along the coast near Chennai that gave some passing spells of light rains to a few areas in the end did not matter as Airport ended up with a hotter day compared to Tuesday while City area notched up 3rd straight 40°C

Things dont look any different today with pretty much similar pattern expected today with most interior places of North Tamil Nadu looking at temperatures exceeding 42 / 43°C while the coastal areas are likely to see temperatures exceeding 40°C.  Almost all models are in sync with very strong Land Breeze to keep the heat wave conditions going across North Tamil Nadu, Coastal Andhra Pradesh and parts of Rayalaseema region.  With clearer skies during the morning there appears no respite today from the extreme early afternoon heat.

While some numerical models indicate a possible spell of light rains and cloudy weather around Chennai during afternoon that could possibly keep the temperature breaking the roof keeping in sync with pattern seen for the past few days the temperature is likely to shoot like “Bat out of Hell” early in the morning making it still an extremely hot day before the cloudy skies / light rains if at all they materialize.  Models indicate sea breeze to set in around 1 PM and is expected to be moderate bringing some respite during the second half of the day though the humidity is going to quite high and expect another uncomfortable night ahead for Chennai. °

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