No Immediate Respite from Cold Nights over West Interior TN

Weather Update

Seasonal winter continues to move along over most of Tamil Nadu and rest of South India with mostly near normal or slightly below normal minimum temperatures prevailing during the night across the region. West Interior Tamil Nadu though has been exception seeing temperatures stay a couple of degrees below normal.

Satellite Image over the Indian sub-Continent and over Greater Indian Ocean area reveal possible influence of a weak MJO activity over the basin. In sync with the current winter weather prevailing over India and rest of Northern Hemisphere MJO influence is seen stronger over Southern Hemisphere as compared to Bay of Bengal.

As mentioned in our opening note while most of Tamil Nadu seem to have seen night time minimum temperatures move towards normal places around Coimbatore, Erode, Tiruppur & Nilgiris district has been consistently seeing temperatures stay lower than normal by about 3 / 4 degrees. Numerical Models indicate similar conditions to prevail till middle of next week as things stand. Particularly places closer to the Western Ghats will remain cold due to the presence of moderate Easterly winds bringing in the chill factor from the already cool land areas of Interior TN