No Major Rains likely over Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

As we get ready to move into the last week of the calendar year the weather bloggers of Tamil Nadu especially from the coastal areas start seeing withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms tend to become exaggerated during those years when either the monsoon has been poor or when it has been a case of So Near Yet So Far like how the current year has been for city areas of Chennai.

But when one sets aside emotion and takes a pragmatic view it becomes obvious without any strong atmospheric disturbance its futile for the rains to continue as the calendar turns the page to a fresh New Year even though the Easterlies will continue to persist. While one can always show of past instances of rains even as late as Republic Day it has always accompanied with supporting synoptic conditions. As ITCZ shifts south gradually the moist filled Easterlies are replaced by drier North / Northeasterlies.

Looking at the wind charts it appears most of Tamil Nadu is under the influence of the drier winds from North while parts of Delta & South TN seem to be seeing Easterlies. This could mean for the next couple of days most parts of the state is likely to see dry weather. Until winter conditions firmly establish we will continue to see the wind pattern move between Northerlies & Easterlies. When the Easterlies strengthen it brings backs some light rains to the coastal areas as well.

As things stand for the next couple of days its near winter time for Chennai & Suburbs