Night Time Temperatures in Tamil Nadu set to increase

As the Low Pressure in Bay fades away night time temperatures in Tamil Nadu is expected to go through some changes over the next few days.  Particularly there is expected to be some difference in the night time temperatures in Tamil Nadu with increase expected right across the Coastal region.


The Low Pressure in Southwest Bay continues to move along the Equator but in a very weak manner as it is expected to possibly fade away over the next 12 – 24 hours.  The expected rainfall from this disturbance is expected to also come down with not much rainfall expected to impact Tamil Nadu from now on thanks to this disturbance.


In the meanwhile the night time temperatures are expected to show a drastic increase across Tamil Nadu with the difference very obvious over Coastal Tamil Nadu.  Most places of Coastal Tamil Nadu is expected to see night time minimum temperatures to be in the region of 25°C which is roughly 1 – 3°C higher than normal for this time of the year.  This high minimum temperature is expected to continue till the end of the week possibly.

The day time temperatures are expected to be around 33°C for most parts of Tamil Nadu with a few places in West Interior TN & South TN expected to see temperatures closer to 35°C.  Places like Madurai, Salem & Karur could see fairly hot day conditions with temperatures in the region of around 35°C