NEM 2020 slogs its way through the final overs

Weather Update

Final Flourish is a well known phenomenon in many a sports, a marathoner / long distance runner who times his final kick to perfection that takes him past the winning post. The slog overs of the classic limited international cricket which builds a nice crescendo towards the end in an effort to cross the fine line between a tough & a stiff target. And not to forget the very famous “Fergie Time” for Manchester United of the old which fell many teams in the last seconds of the game including the mighty Bayern Munich during 1999 Champions League Final during the mad scramble in the end.

This year has been unique, or one has to say the extended 2020 Monsoon season has been unique. A few months earlier Southwest Monsoon slogged its way through late September / October in changing what was a normal year into above normal year. Now its the turn of Northeast Monsoon that is doing a Dhoni style slog over smash & grab to end the season in style though officially Northeast Monsoon 2020 ended on 31st December 2020 for statistics.

The coming few days after what could possibly be a lull in rains today could turn out to be a tense period for the farming community across the state, in particular over the Delta & South TN who are awaiting to complete their harvest just after Pongal. Already many farmers in North TN who plan their harvest during the early days of January have seen these rains spoil their harvest plans.