NEM 2020 Barges into Chennai

Weather Update

In a classic example of how dangerous Dry Line Thunderstorms could be NEM 2020 barged into Chennai & suburbs last night triggering one of the most violent thunderstorms in recent times that saw wide spread heavy rains across the city & suburbs. Many places are inching towards scoring centuries from the coast to western suburbs like Padi & Korattur.

With today’s wind charts promising better support in the form Easterly push over land more places along the coastal stretch between Chennai & Delta could come under rains with better wind support. The Dry Northerlies are seen to the North of Chennai while all across Coastal Tamil Nadu the moist Easterlies / Northeasterlies are seen penetrating giving a very good chance for rains across many places in the coastal stretch with isolated heavy rains.

With Chennai likely to see rains continue for a further couple of hours at least we could see some bit of water logging during the morning hours. Down south places in South Coastal TN are likely to see good rains continue while few places may see heavy rains.