Near Normal Temperatures to prevail over Tamil Nadu

While the intense heat wave conditions are behind us yesterday saw places like Tirutani & Vellore record temperatures around 42 / 43°C while Chennai Airport once again recorded 40°C after a break of two days.  Nevertheless most of the temperatures were closer to normal with no abnormal heat seen.  Along with Vellore &  Tiruttani Chennai Airport was the only place in Tamil Nadu to touch 40°C yesterday with most other places seeing lower temperatures.

Numerical models indicate today could also be a day of mostly near normal temperatures for most parts of Tamil Nadu with few places possibly seeing a marginally above normal temperatures. Once again the places in North Tamil Nadu will see the hottest temperatures while a few places in South Tamil Nadu around Virudhunagar / Madurai & Tirunelveli districts could see temperatures touch 40°C

Chennai is likely to see temperatures around 37 / 38°C which could be slightly hotter than yesterday though once again Sea Breeze is expected to make an entry around mid afternoon with the Easterly winds picking up pace later in the evening.  The Airport observatory though could possibly settle for another 40°C day.

It could be another day of rains for Interior Karnataka & Rayalaseema region with possibly Bangalore in line for 3rd straight day of thunderstorms in many areas.  The best spell of rains is likely to be in the places closer to the coast around Hassan, Mangalore & Madikeri districts along with parts of Kerala and Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu.  Places in the high range of Kerala along the Western Ghats could see a heavy spell or two of rains today.

There is a slight chance of some rains for places closer to Chennai with favorable wind pattern we might end up one or two suburbs to the west of Chennai getting some spells of light rains.

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