Near Normal Temperatures Continue over Tamil Nadu

The Pre Monsoon season has been fairly OK for interior Tamil Nadu so far with many areas in the Western and Southern parts of the state enjoying decent spells of summer rains triggered by day time convective heating and aided by the changing wind directions and instability created by the wind pattern.

But the biggest beneficiaries of these pre monsoon rains have been parts of Kerala & Karnataka once again along the Western Ghats indicating the key element the ghats play in adding the orographic lift into the already combustive Veppasalanam mix of convective heating & Wind instability.

The early days of May has been fairly kind to most places of Tamil Nadu with near normal temperatures prevailing over most parts of Tamil Nadu.  The last few days have seen except for a couple of places most places seeing normal temperatures and in some cases even slightly below normal temperatures.  Especially the coastal areas are enjoying better conditions compared to the interior places.


Yesterday was no different either with only Karur Paramathi & Vellore seeing a “Hot Day” (Above 40°C) while Salem & Tondi saw marginally hot conditions with temperatures staying 3 degrees above normal Almost all other places saw near normal temperatures across the state indicating how May has been far more moderate than the second fortnight of April which saw heat wave warnings issued for many districts of Tamil Nadu.

Today is likely to be a similar day with a few places along interior North TN possibly seeing temperature cross 40°C while most other interior places will stay near 40°C.  Coastal places like Chennai will continue to see the benefit of Southerly winds / moderation effect by sea breeze.

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