Mumbai Rains Alert – Heavy Rainfall Day ahead for the Metropolis

It is not often we talk about Mumbai Rains as a post in our blog.  While we do cover Southwest Monsoon as a whole and provide general weather updates on regions mostly we have been sticking to Chennai & Tamil Nadu weather.  Keeping in mind we are potentially seeing a possible reference to the Chennai Rains of December first week we thought it was prudent to put this post.

Konkan coast has been receiving spells of rains over the last few days with few places receiving heavy rains at times.  For the 24 hours ending yesterday morning 8:30 Harnai, a picturesque beach, about 200 kms to the South of Mumbai received a very heavy 36 cms of rains for 24 hours ending 24th June 2016.  Quite a few places in the region received rainfall in excess of 10 cms for the same period.  A spatial plotting of the heavy rainfall places for the day clearly shows how Monsoon has been very vigorous over the Konkan region of Ratnagiri district and surrounding places.  Weather_Update_1

As of today morning Dhapoli which had recorded 19 cms yesterday has recorded a further 13 cms till 5:30 in the morning.  Similarly Mumbai which recorded 5 cms yesterday has recorded a further 6 cms till today morning.

Mumbai Rains Alert :With heavy rains already happening for over 36 hours now we are likely to see rains intensify today under localized convergence expected to happen near Mumbai.  In a scenario which could possibly remind people of the December 1st week Chennai rains Numerical Models are indicating a temporary Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation developing in the region that is likely to drag high amounts of Moisture towards the coast of Maharashtra & South Gujarat resulting in potentially extremely heavy rains in a few places.


The situation is likely to get complicated with what is going to be a high tide scenario developing at around 3 PM today.  This is likely to compound localized flooding in a few areas as water draining off is going to be difficult.  Numerical Weather Models indicate the rains to peak today around late afternoon / evening.  We would advice people to stay indoor during this period as roads could get flooded.  Today is going to be a scenario of how much Mumbai Rains rather than if.

Closer home at Chennai we are likely to see cloudy weather with spells of passing showers / light rains during early morning.  As the day progresses some areas in North Tamil Nadu could get isolated thunderstorms later in the evening under the influence of the UAC which is likely to become a Low Pressure in the next 48 hours or so.