Mostly Dry Weather in Tamil Nadu to persist

The last couple of days Weather in Tamil Nadu has been moving back to mostly drier outlook as the Southwest Monsoon remained active over the West Coast.  Except for parts of Kanyakumari district mostly dry weather prevailed yesterday as well.  Neyyoor (Eraniel), Thiruvattar, Rajakkamangalam were some of the places in Kanyakumari district that got some moderate rains till today morning.

Southwest Monsoon has further advanced into parts of Interior Karnataka, Rayalseema & Coastal Andhra Pradesh.  With the tropical disturbance around Head Bay still persisting we are likely to see the action shift to the Bay branch over the next couple of days or so.  Parts of Northeast India, Bangladesh & Myanmar coasts are likely to see heavy rains due the persisting disturbance.  This is also likely to help the Bay branch of monsoon move north into parts of Northeast India.


This is much needed impetus for Northeast India which is still yet to pick up steam this year.  With the monsoon trough showing signs of strengthening, currently seen upto altitude of 0.9 kms above MSL, we will start to see Bay branch picking up pace in the days to come.

In the  meanwhile it is likely to be mostly dry weather in Tamil Nadu except for some parts of South TN and places in the Western Ghats which could see isolated spells of rains.  There is some chance of isolated convective thunderstorms develop over North Interior Tamil Nadu though we need to keep a tab on how things evolve during the day.


Parts of West coast will continue to get monsoon rains though with the Bay branch getting active we could see a slow down in rains over coastal Karnataka & Kerala.  This is expected to be a temporary setback and things should become normal once again by early part of next week.