Mostly Dry Weather in South India Expected

While most parts of the country has been enjoying spells or two  of rains Weather in South India has been dry for the last couple of weeks.  Even places in the West coast that are expected to be under the peak rainfall period are seeing dry conditions.  The interiors are also seeing dry conditions with no semblance of thunderstorms hitting the region.The only exception has been coastal Tamil Nadu that has been seeing some isolated thunderstorms over the last few days.  These storms once again has been very isolated and have not been the intense one which we associate with during the Southwest Monsoon.


The depression over East India is expected to move slowly along the monsoon trough in a more Westward direction expected to bring in heavy rains along its path.  Yesterday saw many parts of West Bengal, Bihar & Jharkhand record moderate to heavy rains and similar conditions are expected to prevail today as well with the depression straddling Jharkhand & Gangetic West Bengal. Parts of North India including places around the NCR region could see spells of heavy rains at times along with Haryana, West UP and Rajasthan under the influence of the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation now lying over Rajasthan.


Weather in South India is expected to be mostly dry today with parts of West Coast expected to record some spells of rains in Central Kerala and up north in the Konkan region.   Even here the rains are expected to be on and off with no major spells expected.  Rest of South India is going to be mostly fair with possibility of extremely isolated thunderstorms around the Coastal Tamil Nadu region.  Even coastal Tamil Nadu is unlikely to see a very active day in terms of rainfall possibilities.

Chennai is likely to see another hot and humid day with faint chance of some thunderstorms around the region though we need to see how close they come to the city.