Moderately Warm Weather in Tamil Nadu to continue

After a couple of days of extremely hot weather in Tamil Nadu things looked up for the interior places with temperatures dropping a couple of degrees across the state bringing in some relief to the people who were possibly not expecting summer like conditions to happen so early.  But we were quite early in our warning about the dog days are not far away when Lakshmi carried this story in The Hindu on the warmer days ahead last Saturday.

Yesterday saw moderately hot weather in Tamil Nadu with Salem seeing an almost 3 degree reduction in temperatures compared to the previous day.  Even coastal places like Chennai saw temperatures drop by a degree compared to Monday.  Meanwhile Anantapur & Nizamabad joined the 40°C gang in 2016 which already have Gulbarga & Bhubaneswar as members.  Gulbarga though became the first city in India to record two consecutive 40+ days in India. Under the influence of an upper air cyclonic circulation present in East India there is a possibility of some rains happening for parts of Odisha, West Bengal & Bangladesh.


Today also day time weather in Tamil Nadu is expected to hover around 34 / 35°C for most places with coastal regions seeing the temperature once again moderated by the Southeasterly winds from the sea.  There is some possibility of extremely isolated rains in one or two places in South Tamil Nadu under the influence of the surface level trough off the Comorin Sea.  This could also play a role in keeping the temperature in the area under check for the day.

Chennai could see day time temperatures in the region of 32 / 33°C with night time temperatures settling at 1 / 2 degrees higher than normal which could mean the minimum temperatures could possibly be around 24 / 25°C